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Help BuildaBridge Provide Trauma-Informed Art-Making to Youth & their Communities

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Our Mission

BuildaBridge is a non-profit 501(c)3 arts education and intervention organization. Our mission engages creative people and the transformative power of art-making to bring hope and healing to children in need and their respective communities. BuildaBridge dedicates its resources to building the capacity of communities to fulfill this vision. BuildaBridge envisions a world where all are resilient, experience self-efficacy and have a vision for their future.

Our Services

BuildaBridge serves youth and their communities in need through trauma-informed art-making. By combining the intrinsic and therapeutic qualities of art-making, BuildaBridge Restorative Teaching Artists foster a safe environment for participants to re-engage the imagination, provide opportunities for agency and nurture hope-infused future orientations. The focused nature of BuildaBridge’s art-making helps participants find inroads to healing from trauma and hardship.

Programming utilizes art-making as a metaphor to teach life lessons. Within these lessons, BuildaBridge focuses on artistic, academic/literacy and social-emotional skills that dovetail with 21st-century skills and National Core Arts Standards. The essence of BuildaBridge is a holistic approach that crosses disciplines to strengthen participants’ ability to cope, thrive and move forward positively.

While youth tend to be the organization's primary focus, the pandemic required broadening services to reach children’s caregivers and other human service providers. BuildaBridge regularly offers training and support to people and organizations working to improve the lives of children and their respective communities.